Payroll Giving

Give to Seafarers UK as you earn

By giving from your salary each payday, you will be helping seafarers and their families when they fall on hard times.

Regular donations from your salary are valuable because they help us to be able to plan our resources effectively so we can help more people. Your gifts will help us provide a beacon of hope for men and women who have given everything to a life at sea.

You can change the amount and frequency of your donations whenever you need to. It is down to you and we are here to help.

How your donations can help

Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax, so for every £1 that you give it will only cost you 80p, or 60p if you are a higher tax payer. For example a regular monthly donation of £5 will actually cost £4 if you are a basic rate tax payer, the remainder £1 is topped up by HMRC.

  • £5 per month could help fund helplines and information services so every seafarer has somewhere to turn.
  • £10 per month could help provide a place to live for a retired seafarer and his or her dependants.
  • £20 per month could help the family of an injured seafarer until he or she can return to work.

To become a payroll giver simply fill in our sign up form to start your donation and we’ll do the rest for you.

Contact us

To find out more please call 020 7932 0000.

Thank you for considering making a regular donation to Seafarers UK through your pay.