Fundraise on social media

Instagram and Facebook are great ways to keep connected with your friends and family, and now, you can fundraise for Seafarers UK by adding a donate sticker to your Instagram Stories or start a Facebook fundraiser.

Any money you raise will go straight towards funding organisations and programmes that make a real difference to the lives of seafarers in need and their families. You could make a real difference by giving your friends and family the opportunity to get involved.

Add donation stickers on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories lets you share all the moments of your day using multiple photos and videos in a slideshow format. You can add a donation sticker to your Stories and let people know you’re helping to support the maritime community.

  • Tap on your Stories button
  • Click the sticker button (or swipe up)
  • Pick ‘Donation’
  • Search for ‘Seafarers UK’
  • Add the sticker to your Story
  • Start sharing your Stories with your friends and family and help raise funds for Seafarers UK.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser 

Facebook fundraisers are a way to let your friends know you’re raising money for Seafarers UK and ask them to donate. Fundraisers can be set up for any reason like your birthday or a challenge you are doing.

  • Click here to start your fundraiser for Seafarers UK
  • Set a target of how much you want to raise
  • Set a date when you would like the fundraiser to end
  • Tell your friends and family why you want to support us
  • Pick a cover photo for your fundraiser
  • Click create
  • Share the fundraiser with your family and friends

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the work that we do. Your support makes a huge difference to seafarers in need and their families. See other ways you can support us and what your donations helped to achieve in 2019.

Any money you raise will make a real difference to the lives of seafarers in need and their families.