The future of fishing

In regularly reviewing our strategic priorities, Trustees have recently begun to focus more on responding to the increasing welfare needs of those working in the UK’s Fishing Fleets.

Seafarers UK’s financial support for fishermen is mainly channelled through organisations providing front line services, such as The Fishermen’s Mission. In order to understand whether Seafarers UK’s grant making might be more effectively targeted in the future, the charity commissioned a new study into the challenges currently facing the UK’s Fishing Fleet. In partnership with the Cornwall Rural Community Charity and Rose Regeneration, we published the report in 2018.

It was vital for Seafarers UK to ensure that the research undertaken was informed by fishermen themselves, their real needs and aspirations for their profession at this time of uncertainty. The research enabled those living and actively working within the UK’s fishing communities to make their views known on potential solutions that could make a real difference to their working lives, thereby enabling their livelihoods to be sustained and their wellbeing to be maintained.

Many of the solutions proposed in the ‘Fishing for a Future’ report are helping to shape future individual funding initiatives, while others will require more strategic, collaborative partnerships. Funders such as Seafarers UK provide grants that support the safety and welfare of today’s fishing communities. It is hoped, however, that the ‘Fishing for a Future’ report will also support the fishing profession in becoming more attractive to potential recruits and the fishermen of the future.

The ‘Fishing for a Future’ report is available to download here.