Promoting safety at sea

As part of our Royal Charter objectives, Seafarers UK is committed to the promotion of safety at sea. Over recent years we have funded a number of initiatives with the sole purpose of preventing the loss of life at sea.

Seafarers UK partnered with Seafish and the Welsh Fishing Safety Committee (WFSC) on a project providing commercial fishing owners and skippers with Personal Flotation Devices with integrated personal locator beacons. The lifejackets were provided to skippers for individual use and for the use of their crews while working at sea. The ultimate aim of Seafarers UK’s charity investment was to assist WFSC’s target of zero fishing related deaths at sea.

We committed funding in the support of a joint initiative undertaken by the National Coastwatch Institute, the RNLI and Her Majesty’s Coastguard for two new mobile watch stations. Staffed by volunteers mainly with a seafaring background, these provide safety watches to benefit fishermen, recreational sailors and coast path users. Stations are equipped with telescopes, radar, telephone and weather instrumentation as well as up to date charts.