Increased support for fishermen and fishing communities

Fishing is a narrowly understood industry.  Many people outside it assume it’s now operating at an insignificant or, at the very best, extremely modest scale. However, it provides work for over 20,000 people and contributes over £1billion annually to the UK economy. At the same time, some Fishing communities are suffering profound deprivation.

Increasingly, therefore, Seafarers UK’s grant-making will be focused on supporting UK fishing communities. There are some very specific challenges relating to the occupation of fishing and the way it impacts on fishermen and their families which need greater attention.

Fishermen are resourceful and resilient and as a result of the unique nature of the industry, the independence it engenders, a dislike of ‘officialdom’ and a sense of being a little-understood community, fishermen often miss out on the ‘one size fits all’ approach of many areas of social and economic support.

The challenge now is for the fishing and maritime charities and those with an interest in the sector to more widely engage with it and support sustainable change within fishing communities for future generations of fishermen.

Fishing for a future

To ensure that Seafarers UK’s funding will be used in the most effective manner and achieve the greatest impact, Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) was commissioned to establish an overview of what is needed to address some of the socio-economic challenges in UK fishing communities.

As a pro-active grant-maker we wanted to create an evidence base that was informed by the authentic voice of fishermen themselves. Through visiting, and listening to, fishing communities around the UK it has been possible to obtain a deeper understanding of their needs.

The Fishing for a Future Report  findings will be used to inform our strategic grant-making with well-grounded project ideas that we hope will go some way to effectively tackling the needs and challenges that fishermen face every day at work at sea and on shore. The final report will be published in early Summer 2018.

Recent grants

Seafarers UK works closely with many organisations and projects involved in providing services to fishermen in need and their communities. Learn more about some of the grants we give out to support this area of need by using our grants search tool.

With your support, we believe we can do more to help our beneficiary organisations support seafarers and their families.

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