Seafarers UK supports projects and organisations that are providing services seafarers and their dependants in greatest need.  

We are also aiming to raise awareness of the mental health and emotional support issues involved and to help identify any areas of need for seafarers’ dependants that either need more emphasis or are not currently being addressed.

The pressure of no or low income for a household will impact on most aspects of life, but in particular on the mental health of all those involved. While a loved one is away at sea, however, there is often little by way of emotional or practical support for dependants, particularly those in the Merchant Navy.

When a seafarer returns home it can take time for them to adjust to ‘normal life’, and they can often feel unwanted or ignored. Likewise the partner or dependant who has been keeping the home running can sometimes feel unsettled with the disruption to their routine.

Seafarers UK believes there is an increasingly urgent need for more in the way of mental health services, family and relationship counselling and more tailored emotional support for those seafarers’ dependants who are trying to grapple with the ups and downs of a seafaring life – in addition to existing advice services around financial assistance, often seen as the answer to many of these problems.

With more than 600,000 dependants of seafarers in the UK alone today this is by far the largest beneficiary group that Seafarers UK supports with its funding.

Seafarers UK works closely with many organisations and projects involved in providing services to the dependants of seafarers in difficulty. Learn more about some of the grants we give out to support this area of need.

Will you help us to support seafaring families in need?

The money you donate to our Families of Seafarers and their Dependants Appeal will help our beneficiary organisations to do more to tackle the issues of mental health, money problems and emotional support for those who are struggling.

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