Superb new video ads promote exciting maritime careers to young people

April 3, 2018

While Maritime UK’s wide-ranging careers information is aimed at parents, teachers and other adult ‘influencers’, the Merchant Navy Training Board and the Royal Navy have recently produced new video ‘ads’ that are firmly targeted at young people.

The Merchant Navy Training Board’s broadcast-quality advert is part of the ‘Careers At Sea’ campaign to boost the number of young people joining the Merchant Navy. The film was made by ITN Productions and will be promoted across social media in an effort to raise awareness of the maritime sector.

For the Royal Navy, a new advert takes aim at old-fashioned gender representation in the military, playing on the phrase ‘a woman’s place’. Louise’s Story, directed by Greg Hackett, is part of the ‘Made in the Royal Navy’ campaign, which intends to highlight diversity in the organisation. A similar film in the same series, Modou’s Story, was aimed to tie in with National Apprenticeship Week.