Seafarers UK supports UK Ports Conference to promote Seafarers Awareness Week Campaign

May 11, 2017

Seafarers UK is supporting the 9th Annual UK Ports Conference on 23-24 May to promote this year’s Seafarers Awareness Week (24-30 June).

With two new themes this year including ‘Sea Ports for Prosperity’, Seafarers Awareness Week provides a free platform for UK ports to raise public awareness of their vital contribution to local and national economies, as well as promoting ‘Maritime Jobs at Sea and Ashore’.

Encouraging ports to organise promotional activities or events, including educational visits and public open days, the nationwide campaign will make the most of local media and social media to ‘spread the word’.  For more information see the Seafarers Awareness Week website

As an island nation, the UK has always depended on seafarers, shipping and the wider maritime industry for our wellbeing. 95% of everything we import comes by sea, including much of our food. Exports too depend on our thriving ports industry, the biggest in Europe. Our sea ports and harbours are supported by buoyant logistics operations, offering employment at all levels.

Nick Harvey, Campaigns Manager, Seafarers UK said: ‘We are delighted to be focusing on ports for this year’s Seafarers Awareness Week. Supporting the UK Ports Conference compliments our communications with the UK Major Ports Group and the British Ports Association, and we are very pleased to see ports already signing up to get involved in the week.’