Seafarers UK continues to stand with the maritime welfare sector

November 25, 2020

Seafarers UK, along with London Funders, and a wider group of funders, recognises that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have a significant impact on civil society groups and we want to offer renewed assurance that we stand with the sector at this time.

As COVID-19 hit our communities we saw how the incredible work of civil society groups and maritime welfare charities helped people through the worst of times. We know civil society will also be crucial to the recovery and renewal of our communities beyond the crisis; and think it’s important to say that we’re not going anywhere – we’re going to be on the side of communities and civil society for the years ahead.

We recognise that these are difficult times for everyone – personally and professionally – and that there will be challenges ahead for us all. We are strongest when we work together, so if you receive grant* funding from us we are committed to:

  • Listening – we’re continuing to listen to the needs of our communities and civil society and remain committed to the original pledges of the We Stand With The Sector statement on flexibility and responsiveness to these needs.
  • Learning – we’re learning all the time about how we and civil society can strengthen our work together; and are thinking about how we can share and apply this learning so that we can continue to be effective funders for the future.
  • Long-term – we’re here for you in lockdowns, and we’ll still be here beyond crisis – we’re working hard to make sure our funding helps communities and civil society thrive now and in the years ahead, and will continue to be open with you as our funding response develops.

We’re proud to play our part in supporting the amazing work of people across civil society – from before COVID-19, through the crisis, and into the future. We stand with the sector now, and always.

See how Seafarers UK grant funding has supported seafarers and their families affected by the pandemic and learn more about our Grant Funding.

This statement is being coordinated by London Funders, but is not only for their members or funders in London, you can see the current list of funders who have committed to this statement alongside us at

*This does not apply to commissioned services or contracts where there will be separate discussions between commissioners and provider organisations.