Maritime Jobs at Sea and Ashore to Headline Seafarers Awareness Week (23-30 June)

May 18, 2018

The UK’s diverse maritime industries support just under one million jobs and contribute £40 billion to UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  That’s the trigger for this year’s Seafarers Awareness Week in June to promote maritime employment opportunities at sea and ashore.

Coordinated by Seafarers UK – the charity that for 100 years has encouraged British people to be trained to work at sea or serve in the Royal Navy – Seafarers Awareness Week was started in 2010 to raise public awareness of our island nation’s reliance on seafarers and shipping for 95% of imports including half the food we eat and a huge volume of essential fuel.

This year Seafarers UK is working with the industry promotional body Maritime UK to signpost wide-ranging information on maritime jobs to careers advisers, teachers and parents of young people in education, including those studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

Campaign coordinator Nick Harvey said: ‘The Merchant Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Navy currently have a serious shortage of suitably skilled engineers. We need school leavers to appreciate that there are many well-paid jobs to be had not just at sea, but also ashore.’

‘The UK’s maritime industry is larger than many others that are better known and working harder to attract talented young people. Maritime UK brings together the UK’s shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to promote the whole sector.’

‘Seafarers Awareness Week provides a focal point for the promotion of jobs for men and women, in the UK and further afield, in an exciting industry that is key to the success of the UK as an internationally trading nation.’

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