Funding to increase and diversify port-based services across the UK

April 23, 2019

Seafarers UK has awarded a £110,000 grant to Mission to Seafarers to increase and diversify port-based services for seafarers across the UK.

Funding will be used to increase the number of young people (25-45) and female volunteers, as well as those from different ethnic and religious backgrounds to help better address the needs of an increasingly diverse seafaring community.

The funding will also help to increase the number of ship visits conducted by Mission to Seafarers’ port chaplains every month and provide greater access to 24-hour facilities in key ports, allowing an additional 5,000 seafarers to receive support from the Mission each year, in Wales, the Humber and Scotland.

Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General of Mission to Seafarers, said: “We are hugely grateful to Seafarers UK for their generosity and continued support of our work here at the Mission. This vital funding will be used to enrich the quality of the support we provide by diversifying our support network to better align with the needs of men and women we serve. By enhancing our service provision across the UK, we hope that seafarers arriving on our shores will feel truly at home, and will be able to communicate with and relate to the people there to support them.”

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