In 2017, Seafarers UK have awarded £3.5m in grant funding for organisations and projects supporting seafarers in need and their families.
Seafarers UK is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants. Download an excel spreadsheet listing the grants we awarded in 2017 or view online.
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List of grants awarded

Take a look below at list of organisations funded in 2016-2017.

  • Aberdeen Seafarers’ Centre

    Awarded: £40,000

    A grant to contribute towards the salary of the Superintendent post at Aberdeen Seafarers' Centre, who manages the centre on a day to day basis, ensuring recreational facilities and a friendly welcome for visitors.

  • Age Concern Acción Social y Asistencial (ACASA)

    Awarded: £15,000

    A grant to help vulnerable ex-seafarers and their dependants living in Spain by providing direct, targeted and practical help and support to those unable to cope due to ill health, isolation, family and financial problems.

  • Age Concern Acción Social y Asistencial (Age Concern Spain)

    Awarded: £17,000

    A grant awarded consisted of two elements – a contribution of £12,000 towards the organisation's casework running costs and an additional one off grant of £5,000 towards an ‘information project’ set up costs.

  • Age in Spain

    Awarded: £13,125

    A grant to provide the Age in Spain services (Information, casework and repatriation support) to ex-seafarers and their families in Spain.  

  • Age UK Wirral

    Awarded: £27,176

    A grant to help provide health and social activities to the residents and families at Mariners Park and invite and encourage any external ex-seafarers to join in with a programme of activities and services, designed to promote and enhance a good social and healthy lifestyle regime.  

  • Age UK Wirral

    Awarded: £16,700

    A grant awarded to fund Men's Health & Wellbeing Social Activity Project undertaken at Mariner's Park, Wallasey, by their local Age UK.