Grant holders’ information

The following information is for those who are in receipt of a current grant.

Terms and conditions of grant

Our Terms and Conditions form the basis of our agreement with your organisation. You can see a sample of these here.

Monitoring and evaluation

This is a key aspect of our grants process as we wish to learn from our grant making. We contact all grant holders to report on the progress of their grant approx. 15 months after receipt of grant. This helps us both monitor how work is going practically and financially, as well as helping to identify useful lessons. You can access the Grant Evaluation Report here.

Case studies

Our beneficiary charities submit case studies, often with beneficiary quotes and JPEG quality photographs. These case studies give us real examples of people who have received help as a direct result of your organisation’s work and our funding. Additionally, these case studies help us to promote and fundraise for the maritime cause enabling us to continue to provide grants to maritime organisations on the scale that we do.

For more information, see our case study requirements toolkit.

Applying for another grant

If you are in receipt of a grant from us you can apply for another grant, in the same calendar year, as long as your application is for a different project or service.

Grant-Making Strategy Review

Download Seafarers UK Grant-Making Strategy Review undertaken by the Directory of Social Change in 2017, to find out what our grant recipients think of our grant making programme