Sea Cadet units, sailing or youth organisations

The promotion of sailing or youth work are not, by themselves, activities we currently support. There are however others who support funding in this area – including the TK Foundation and others (see for organisations that may support your cause).

We kindly request that Sea Cadet units do not apply directly to Seafarers UK for a grant. This is because we give a substantial grant each year to the Marine Society and Sea Cadets head office. The funds we award are then allocated, via the Sea Cadets own grant programme, to support individual units.

Any unit seeking funding needs to apply via the annual fund form available on the Sea Cadet Training and Admin website or by contacting their local Area Business Manager for more information.

If your organisation is not a member of Sea Cadets, and not a sailing organisation, we may be able to offer you a grant if you can clearly demonstrate how your organisation supports or promotes a seafaring career for the young people within your organisation.

For more information about our grant funding please click here.  You can take our online eligibility quiz to see if you meet our grant funding criteria via the online form.