Grant funding

Our charitable grant funding aims to tackle the disadvantages of working at sea by providing grants to charities and not for profit organisations to deliver help, advice and support to seafarers.

Focusing on Improving Outcomes for Seafarers

Our grant funding programme is focused on achieving five long-term strategic outcomes for people who work, or have formerly worked, at sea.

By funding services, initiatives and interventions which support these outcomes we aspire to deliver our vision to improve seafarers’ lives and achieve a world where seafarers and their families are valued and are free of need and disadvantage.

Grant funding is available to support the delivery of these five outcomes for current and former seafarers, commercial fishers and their families:

  • Better Working Lives at Sea
    People working at sea are valued as key workers. They work within sustainable and ethical supply chains and are the backbone of the global economy. Wherever they are in the world they are able to access virtual and port-based welfare services through an international chain of seafarer centres, ship visitors and port welfare services providing practical, emotional and spiritual support which meet their welfare needs.
  • Enhanced Financial Resilience
    Seafarers, fishers and their families, at work and in retirement, have access to confidential and independent advice, information and financial help during difficult times which can support their economic resilience and build independence.  Services and interventions funded under this outcome may include the provision of information and advice and support to access government grants and charitable hardship and welfare grants.
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing
    Seafarers, fishers and their families are able to obtain access to health and welfare services to enable them to continue, or return, to work as well as initiatives to support their physical and mental health and wellbeing at the time and location that they are needed; on board and on shore, while at sea and during retirement. This includes appropriate retirement accommodation in the community of their choice as well as initiatives to tackle loneliness and support relationships.
  • Increased Social Justice
    Seafarers, fishers and their families have access to welfare services and programmes that are responsive to the unique needs arising from working at sea and provide support during retirement. This includes initiatives which promote diversity and inclusivity, support human rights, as well as reduce or prevent bullying, harassment or social stigma and providing advocacy on behalf of seafarers experiencing difficulties such as abandonment.
  • Raised Safety Standards & Practices
    Seafarers and fishers are kept safe and return from their seafaring voyage without experiencing accident or harm. This includes supporting better safety practices, encouraging reporting of unsafe practices, risk reduction and promoting an enhanced safety culture.

Working Collaboratively to Develop Grant Funded Solutions

We welcome approaches from organisations interested in exploring potential for collaborating on funding, developing new approaches or campaigning on these outcomes to improve seafarers’ lives and achieve a world where seafarers and their families are valued and are free of need and disadvantage.

We have a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to support maritime welfare charities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you wish to apply for funding you can do this via our online application system.

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Our previous grant awards are published on 360Giving

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In 2020 to-date, we awarded more than 80 grants, totalling over £3m