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If you are a charity or project seeking funding, or if you are an individual looking for information, we can help.

Visit our Grant funding section where you will find information on who and what we can fund, what funding restrictions apply, guidelines for making applications, and a link for our online funding application.

While we do not support individuals, we have compiled a list of organisations who provide help for individuals, information and advice for UK and overseas-based seafarers and their families, many of which are funded or part-funded by Seafarers UK.

  • Grant funding

    Information on who and what we can fund, what funding restrictions apply and an online funding application.

  • Help for individuals

    Information on careers in maritime and list of organisations providing help and information for all seafarers.

  • Our impact

    Your donations are incredibly important to us and to the seafarers and their families who need help.

Latest video

Watch this 4-minute video about an ex-Royal Navy diver who’s life was turned round when he fell on hard times thanks to our funding.

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  • Grants awarded

    In 2019, Seafarers UK has awarded £2.2m for organisations and projects supporting seafarers in need and their families.

  • Helping to make a fresh start in life

    Robert became a fisherman at 18, working away at sea to provide for his family. But being away for long periods of time lead to his marriage breaking down.

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