• 2010

    The Royal Charter updated and re-issued

    In 2010, the Royal Charter was updated and re-issued, to ensure that the charity's fundraising principles remained in line with modern governance and legal best practice.

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    This provided reassurance for the Charity Commission and the Privy Council that Seafarers UK retained the powers and the flexibility to target those sections of the community where the need is greatest and intervention will promote the very best outcomes.

  • The profile of Seafarers UK has been consistently raised by committees and volunteers at a plethora of regional fundraising events across the UK.

  • June 2010

    The first Seafarers Awareness Week takes place

    This is a key week in Seafarers UK's calendar and has gone from strength to strength, with beneficiary charities and thousands of supporters across the country taking part each year.

  • An emergency grant of £50,000 awarded to the Fishermen's Mission to help with their fundraising appeal, supporting those affected by extreme weather.

  • 03 September 2015

    Seafarers UK launches its ‘Fly the Flag for Merchant Navy Day’ initiative

    Seafarers UK launches its 'Fly the Flag for Merchant Navy Day' initiative, encouraging people to fly the Red Ensign to raise funds for Seafarers UK's Merchant Navy Fund. More than 200 local councils took part by organising flag-hoisting ceremonies.

  • Britain marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, the biggest naval battle of the First World War in which more than 8,500 seafarers died.

  • 2015

    A total of £3.6m awarded in grants by the charity, helping over 173,000 seafarers, widows and dependants in need

    A total of 87 grants were awarded to 83 projects, supporting 67 organisations, including 14 organisations new to the charity. Additionally, the charity's funding also supported a variety of new projects, from beneficiary organisations that we have either supported in the past or more recently, in response to the many differing needs of seafarers.

  • The basic rate of pay for an ordinary Royal Navy seaman is £56.86 per day. A loaf of bread costs £1 and a pint of beer £3.50.