• October 1990

    A trust, holding nearly £3 million, is set up for personnel affected by service in the Gulf War, including many members of the Royal Navy

  • Warships become more technologically advanced in both propulsion and weaponry, often with two-thirds fewer people aboard compared to the Second World War.

  • 05 July 1992

    King George’s Fund for Sailors celebrates its 75th anniversary

    With many changes in the sector, and given the unique position of the Fund, reaching across the entire UK maritime community and beyond, it has a much wider role in being able to appreciate the changes and react to them swiftly and objectively, while providing an example to smaller organisations.

  • The introduction of the Charities Act is a significant move for the third sector, providing regulation on fundraising activities for charitable institutes.

  • 08 September 1993

    The Fund moves its headquarters from Chesham Street to Hatherley Street, its current home

  • Containerisation is now the norm, with containerships being manned by tens, rather than hundreds, of seafarers. Port security is higher than ever.

  • The Fund examines its own position in the sector

    The significant shift in maritime charity policy resulted in by the creation of RNRMC gave the Fund the opportunity to examine its own position in the sector. Research revealed that many members of the public and even some supporters thought that it had always been primarily a Royal Navy institution.

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    Efforts to maintain a level playing field across both Royal and Merchant Navies had not been entirely successful, but this stark realisation enabled the charity to take a more radical look at its own future.