• 1980

    The amount given in grants to charities providing vital support to the children of seafarers totals more than £121,000

  • Maritime charities helped close gaps in aid from the welfare state, which, although providing a lifeline to many seafarers, could not fulfil all needs.

  • 1982

    A separate Falklands Fund is set up to assist those who served in the Falklands conflict

    A separate Falklands Fund aims to provide assistance to the Royal Navy, Royal Marine, Royal Fleet Auxillary and Merchant Navy personnel who had served in the conflict and suffered injury, and to widows and dependants of those who had lost their lives.

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    Additional support was also given to charities such as the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, Missions to Seamen and the Sailors' Children's Society to help pick up the pieces of lives devastated by the conflict.

  • The Falklands conflict in 1982 lasted ten weeks, claiming the lives of 255 British military personnel, including 131 seafarers.

  • July 1982

    The South Atlantic Fund is formed

    The South Atlantic Fund is formed to assist those injured in the Falklands conflict and their widows and dependants, from which King George's Fund for Sailors receives valued support for Falklands-related cases.

  • Faced with insufficient troop and transport capacity 54 merchant ships are taken up from trade to assist the armed forces during the South Atlantic conflict.

  • 01 February 1989

    The first issue of Flagship magazine is published by the Fund

    The Fund's key areas of focus include attending to the needs of an ageing population, continuing to raise awareness of its work, boosting national support by setting up an increased number of regional committees and promoting legacy giving.

  • Despite the challenges of the 1980s, the Fund remained focused on fulfilling the present and future needs of its beneficiaries.