Tackling mental health in Grimsby

Toddy, aged 64, suffered from stroke and has a brain tumour. His father was in the Merchant Navy and his mother was a fish filleter all her working life. Toddy was feeling isolated due to his ill health and wanted to connect with some old friends and access more social activities. He was supported by Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust who suggested he tries to organise a local social event. Toddy suggested a Modern Soul night and was then helped with finding a venue, organising DJ’s, selling tickets and managing the event on the day.

The event turned out to be a great success with over 250 people attending, many of which were ex-seafarers themselves. A Modern Soul group has been formed as a result, which plans to organise more social activities in the near future. Toddy is now using social media regularly to connect with his friends and Modern Soul contacts. He also has another event to focus on and is really considering becoming a bit of an events manager for the over 50’s!

‘If not for support from Grimsby Town Centre and Education Trust, I would be still isolated and suffering with depression. I certainly wouldn’t be considering becoming an events manager for the over 50’s!’

Seafarers UK has awarded grants totaling £32,000 in the last two years to Grimsby Town FC Sports & Education Trust, to fund the provision of fun and challenging ways for ex-fishermen in the area to be positive and pro-active about their health, to re-connect with their old colleagues and to try out new activities.

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