Supporting disadvantaged young people

UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) is a charity that widens access to maritime training, improving life-skills and launching careers by providing bursaries to financially disadvantaged young people from deprived inner city or rural areas; young people not in education, employment or training; and those with disabilities and additional needs.

One of the beneficiaries supported by the bursary was Melissa, who said: “My time on the water with my crew has been a great experience, as it has prepared me for work. Without this funding it would not have been possible for me to follow what has always been an ambition and career goal for my future. I have really embraced my time here, learning all that I can and preparing myself for the future. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

In 2018, 20% of UKSA’s students received financial support, thanks to partners including Seafarers UK, who enabled them to provide bursaries to young people, who otherwise, would have not been able to access this opportunity. With fee-paying customers training alongside those receiving financial help, all of the young people are on a level playing field regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

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