Support in difficult times

Seafarers UK - a charity that helps people in the maritime community, by providing vital funding to support seafarers in need and their families.

Marc left school at 15 and went straight into the Navy. After a successful career that led him to become a commercial deep-sea diver, he fell on hard times.

Now aged 66, he’s getting support from Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest (QVSR). Marc told us about his life and how QVSR helped him to turn everything around. ‘I was in the Royal Navy for much of my life. They trained me as a diver. I got married, had a wonderful son  and made my living as a commercial diver after I left the services.’

Sadly, Marc’s marriage ended after 15 years, and his life began to unravel. ‘I just lost the plot. I found myself living on the streets, with no money. Eventually I was sent to see QVSR.’

‘QVSR have been amazing to me, and to the others here too. We are all here for the same reasons: destitution, living on the streets, psychological problems, and have all lived rough at some stage. All QVSR ask is that you do what you can with their help to get better. It can’t be fairer than that.’

‘I went from sleeping rough, to staying in safe accommodation. QVSR do everything they can to help you – they really do care.’

QVSR help many people like Marc every year and much of their work is made possible by the funding they receive from Seafarers UK.

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