Care home support during the COVID-19 pandemic

£40,000 in funding was awarded to Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest (QVSR) to support their frontline service accommodating retired and ex-servicemen between 60 and 90 years old, many of whom have underlying health conditions.

The care home centre has been badly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak with extra pressures on the services they provide. The emergency funding from Seafarers UK enabled QVSR to provide Personal Protective Equipment for all staff caring for residents in self-isolation and shielding after several residents tested positive for COVID-19, and two residents passed away from the coronavirus.

Operations Manager, Debbie Whitehead said: ‘Social distancing measures has meant taking tables out of our restaurant, closing our gym and no visits from friends or family, impacting on the mental well-being of our residents as they have come to terms with the new norm. Personal Protective Equipment and hand sanitisers have become essential, and they were initially difficult to get hold of.’

‘Events are still a little ‘fuzzy’ but the staff stood by me and communicated with the emergency services, on my behalf, when I could just about to breathe. I realise they say they were doing their job, but from my perspective, at clearly one of the most vulnerable times of my life, it’s something I will never forget!’, said one resident upon return from hospital.

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