A lifeline to seafarers stranded on-board

An emergency grant of £29,500 was awarded to the Queens Victoria Seamen’s Rest (QVSR) to support their Seafarers’ Centre in Tilbury, providing essential frontline support to seafarers arriving at this busy port.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown caused major disruption to the services QVSR provides, and due to the social distancing measures, the seafarers centre had to close most of their facilities. Many seafarers were also stranded onboard ships without food, money and were unable to travel home.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the Centre’s chaplain, Mark Moeller, was the only person who was able to visit seafarers onboard ships to provide essential supplies and welfare services, including toiletries, free pre-paid SIM cards to enable seafarers to contact their families at home, as well as halal food to those who wishing to observe Ramadan.

One of the seafarers supported by the Centre, was Glen. After an accident onboard ship, Glen had to remain in the UK to recover from his injuries. QVSR were able to provide him with accommodation, food, assisted with medical appointments, and after five weeks of recovery, Glen was able fly back home to the Philippines.

‘We are indebted to Seafarers UK who have responded to our needs and provided us with an emergency grant. This has alleviated our concerns and allowed us to concentrate on looking after our retired and port-based seafarers whilst we battle against this horrible virus.
– Debbie Whitehead, Operations Manager, QVSR

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