Seafarers Awareness Week

Since 2010 Seafarers UK has coordinated and promoted an annual Seafarers Awareness Week.

The UK has always been heavily dependent on a thriving maritime industry. An estimated 95% of imports come to our ‘island nation’ by ship, including much of our everyday food and fuel.

Yet many people are completely unaware of the world of shipping, our dependence on seafarers, and the essential role of our sea ports.

Each year we focus on a fresh theme for Seafarers Awareness Week. In 2018 (23-30 June) we promoted UK maritime employment opportunities, including shore-based jobs, with an emphasis on engineering.

Next year (8-14 July 2019) Seafarers UK will be focusing on raising awareness of the UK’s commercial fishing industry, especially the skippers and crews of fishing vessels of all sizes, from under-10m beach-launched boats, to the huge pelagic trawlers operating out of major ports such as Peterhead and Plymouth.

For more information please contact Nick Harvey, Campaigns Manager, Seafarers UK, email, phone 020 7932 5969.