Our team

Senior Management Team:

Catherine Spencer 

Chief Executive Officer
Contact: catherine.spencer@seafarers.uk



CG thumbCheryl Gallop

Head of Internal Operations
Contact: cheryl.gallop@seafarers.uk



Deborah Layde

Grants Director
Contact: deborah.layde@seafarers.uk



Keziah Cunningham

Director of Development
Contact: keziah.cunningham@seafarers.uk



Grants Team:

Joanna Doheny

Grants Officer
Contact: joanna.doheny@seafarers.uk



Tina Barnes

Grants Manager
Contact: tina.barnes@seafarers.uk



Fundraising & Communications Team:

CH thumbCarole Hunt

Fundraising  Administration Officer
Contact: carole.hunt@seafarers.uk



Charlotte Ward

Events and Fundraising Executive
Contact: charlotte.ward@seafarers.uk



Dolly Wartemberg

Fundraising Database Executive
Contact: dolly.wartemberg@seafarers.uk



JH thumbJohn Hood

Scotland Representative
Contact: john.hood@seafarers.uk



Laura Gineitaite

Marketing and Communications Officer
Contact: laura.gineitaite@seafarers.uk



Maria Higham

Marketing, Individual Giving & Events Manager
Contact: maria.higham@seafarers.uk



NH thumbNick Harvey

Campaigns Manager
Contact: nick.harvey@seafarers.uk



Richard Holmes

Fundraising Manager, Trusts & Projects
Contact: richard.holmes@seafarers.uk



Executive & Finance Teams:

Denise Cendrecourt

Accounts Assistant
Contact: denise.cendrecourt@seafarers.uk



Fredrick Onono

Finance Analyst
Contact: fredrick.onono@seafarers.uk



KP thumbKen Prothero

IT and Facilities Manager
Contact: ken.prothero@seafarers.uk



Oksana Nikolenko

Management Accountant
Contact: oksana.nikolenko@seafarers.uk