Seafarers UK gives grants to Maritime Youth organisations and projects where the focus is on providing young people with the training needed for a potential career at sea.

In representing the ‘future’, the charity is supporting a Marine Engineering Pathway Project (see details below). It also aims to raise increased funds in support of its work with other Maritime Youth and Education & Training projects and organisations.

Last year Seafarers UK awarded £355,511 in grant funding to help 21,941 young people access necessary training and education courses.

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Supporting disadvantaged young people

Seafarers UK has awarded a grant of £51,000 to support UK Sailing Academy's Professional Yacht Cadetship Bursary Fund for young people from maritime families or disadvantaged backgrounds.

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  • Marine Engineering Pathway Project

    Seafarers UK and Sea Cadets have been working in partnership to inspire and engage 1000’s of young people across the UK in schools and Sea Cadet units in thinking about a future in marine engineering.

  • Funding Maritime Education

    Seafarers UK grant funding programme supports The Island Trust and students from Plymouth university's School of Marine Science and Engineering in practical seafaring experience.

Recent grants

Seafarers UK works closely with many organisations involved in providing Maritime Youth or Education & Training projects and services. You can find out more about some of the grants we have awarded to support this area of need by using our grants search tool.

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will help future seafarers safely navigate their lives at sea.

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