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Supporting serving seafarers of a working age

Seafarers UK gives grants to organisations and projects that provide specialist welfare services to serving seafarers from the Merchant Navy, Royal Navy and Fishing Fleets. It does this in such areas as port welfare, advice, education and training.

A large number of those serving will be facing problems of very different kinds; long periods of separation from friends and family, extended periods of duty, fatigue, and working heavy machinery whilst being exposed to harsh weather. Such dangers and difficulties can lead to disability, depression, debt, relationship breakdown, homelessness or even death.

International Port Welfare Partnership project

Seafarers UK has been supporting the International Port Welfare Project (IPWP) as one of its key Centenary projects. The charity aims to raise increased funds in support of this project as well as for its general welfare work for serving seafarers. You can read more here about our support for the IPWP project.

Port welfare charities

Seafarers UK is a secular organisation that supports most of the main UK-based international port welfare charities: Mission to Seafarers, Apostleship of the Sea, Sailors Society, Centres for Seafarers, Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest, Fishermen’s Mission, North American Maritime Ministry Association, Stanley Seamen’s Centre.

Advice services

We also support International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network, SAIL, Cornwall Community Development Fund, Human Rights at Sea, Poppy Scotland, Seafarers Support, Merchant Navy Welfare Board (vehicle replacement programme).

Recent grants

Seafarers UK works closely with many organisations and projects involved in providing welfare services to working seafarers. You can find out more about some of the grants we have awarded to support this area of need by using our grants search tool.

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