• ‘Navigating Change’ Two Years On: A 2019 Update

    ‘Navigating Change – A Review of the UK Maritime Welfare Charity Sector’ was released at Supporting Seafarers Conference 2017. The report is a comprehensive review of the UK maritime welfare charity sector. Two years on, we are looking at what progress has been achieved since the Navigating Change study took place.

  • Review of merchant seafarers welfare

    The focus of this research is on working-age seafarers with a Merchant Navy background, while recognizing a broader literature that exists on the welfare of Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, ex-Royal Navy personnel, fishermen and former seafarers.

  • Older seafarers’ needs report

    Opinion Research Services (ORS) was commissioned by the Maritime Charities Group (MCG) to undertake a survey of older seafarers, their dependants and carers in order to explore experiences of retirement (or semi-retirement) as well as care and support needs.

  • The needs and aspirations of the dependants and families of seafarers under retirement age

    Following an earlier study in 2006 into the needs and aspirations of dependants of seafarers and their families, and a recent demographic analysis of current and future numbers, the Maritime Charities Group (MCG) wishes to gain an up-to-date understanding of current needs and aspirations.

  • MCG research on the UK Seafarers’ Demographic Profile

    The Maritime Charities Funding Group (MCFG) commissioned the Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University to undertake a project to provide the MCFG with a UK demographic profile of the naval service, merchant navy and fishing fleet personnel and their dependants from 1945 to 2050.

  • ‘Navigating Change – A Review of the UK Maritime Welfare Charity Sector’

    A review of the UK maritime welfare charity sector