• A glimmer of hope

    28 Sep 2020

    Well some things change a lot, some things change a little bit and some things stay the same. So we can say, looking across the MCG horizon that the threat from COVID-19 still remains.  

  • Talking about ‘new normal’

    6 Aug 2020

    There is a deal of talk of a 'new normal', but from the MCG’s position it would seem that if we have arrived there it is a very transitory state with many issues still developing and changing.

  • Twelve weeks in from the start of Lockdown

    16 Jun 2020

    It’s exactly 12 weeks since the start of “Lockdown” and, perhaps like many others, I had hoped we’d be nearer a clear end to the current pandemic. However, as we learn more about the virus so its complexity seems to increase and the possibility of a “clean” end to the pandemic becomes less certain.

  • Welcome from Commander Graham Hockley LVO RN

    19 May 2020

    As Chair of the Maritime Charities Group (MCG), I’m delighted to welcome you to my first blog. I was pleased that the work of the MCG and the wider maritime charities sector was highlighted by Lord Mountevans during the recent House of Lords debate on the fundraising and organisational challenges faced by the charitable and voluntary sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.