Cornwall Rural Community Charity

Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC) has a successful track record of delivering a varied portfolio of projects.

They work closely with the Marine Management Organisation to offer support to fishing and coastal communities in Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly and currently deliver the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Fisheries Local Action Group. In addition CRCC has significant experience of delivering community led projects across the UK and at EU level.

Fishing for a Future

Last year Seafarers UK awarded £3.17m in grants to organisations and projects. Looking ahead, then increasingly our grant-making will be focused on supporting UK fishing communities. To ensure that our funding will be used in the most effective manner and achieve the greatest impact, CRCC was commissioned to establish an overview of what is needed to address some of the socio-economic challenges in UK fishing communities. As a pro-active grant-maker we wanted to create an evidence base that was informed by the authentic voice of fishermen themselves. Through visiting, and listening to, fishing communities around the UK it has been possible to obtain a deeper understanding of their needs. The findings from this research will be used to inform our strategic grant-making with well grounded project ideas that we hope will go some way to effectively tackling those needs.

The Fishing for a Future Report contains the interim findings from the research. It provides a unique opportunity to hear the authentic voice of the fisherman, direct from the port, on the needs and challenges they face every day at work at sea and on shore.

The interim findings were presented to a select group of fishermen, fish processors, policy makers, funders and others interested in fishing at an event on Tuesday 9 January at Fishmongers Hall, London. The event provided an opportunity to further inform the research findings and begin a discussion on how funders such as Seafarers UK and others can best collaborate to help support UK fishermen at this significant time of change.

If you would like to help inform the debate and are interested in sharing views and ideas about the future of the fishing sector or you would like to collaborate with Seafarers UK to support UK fishing communities, please get in touch at or on Twitter via Fishermen’s Voice.

The final research report on ‘Fishing for a Future’ will be published in early spring 2018.