Seafarers UK works with numerous partner organisations across all its campaigning, fundraising and grant-giving work. Our simple aim here is to improve our own, and the maritime charity sector’s, effectiveness and efficiency wherever we can.

We see our beneficiary charities as partners because we aim to work across the entire maritime charity sector to help raise awareness, increase overall fundraising and ensure that our funding is being targeted at those in greatest need in the most efficient way possible.

We work with companies across the shipping industry, maritime services sector and food and beverage retail sector in order to provide them with opportunities to engage with the maritime charity sector and its supporters through their CSR programmes, staff involvement in fundraising and team challenges and via raising their profile through sponsorship.

Other strategic partners include Forces in Mind Trust, Trinity House, The Merchant Navy Welfare Board, Maritime Charities Group and  COBSEO. Through working closely with these organisations we seek to achieve our strategic objectives from increased effectiveness and efficiency in grant giving to greater awareness-raising of seafaring and seafarers.