Our team

BB thumbCommodore Barry Bryant CVO RN

Director General
Contact: seafarers@seafarers.uk



The Fundraising Team

NS thumbNigel Shattock

Director Fundraising & Communications
Contact: nigel.shattock@seafarers.uk



 Alexandra Sard MBE

Community Support Manager
Contact: alexandra.sard@seafarers.uk



Julie Behan

Fundraising Manager – Individuals & Events
Contact: julie.behan@seafarers.uk



CH thumbCarole Hunt

Fundraising  Administration Officer
Contact: carole.hunt@seafarers.uk



 RH thumbRichard Holmes

Fundraising Manager, Trusts & Projects
Contact: richard.holmes@seafarers.uk



 Dorothy Leiper

Trusts & Corporates Officer
Contact: dorothy.leiper@seafarers.uk



 JH thumbJohn Hood

Scotland Representative
Contact: john.hood@seafarers.uk



 NH thumbNick Harvey

Campaigns Manager
Contact: nick.harvey@seafarers.uk



Maria Higham

Marketing Manager
Contact: maria.higham@seafarers.uk



Alex Ward

Fundraising Events Officer
Contact: alex.ward@seafarers.uk



Laura Gineitaite

Digital Marketing Officer
Contact: laura.gineitaite@seafarers.uk




The Finance Team

IW thumbIan Wardle

Director of Finance
Contact: ian.wardle@seafarers.uk



 AF thumbAnji Flower

Head of Finance
Contact: anji.flower@seafarers.uk



 BN thumbBid Newton

Accounts Assistant
Contact: bid.newton@seafarers.uk



PM thumbPaola Martin

CRM Manager
Contact: paola.martin@seafarers.uk



The Grants Team

Deborah Layde

Grants Director
Contact: deborah.layde@seafarers.uk



The Executive Team

RW thumbRobina Whitehorn

Executive Director
Contact: robina.whitehorn@seafarers.uk



KP thumbKen Prothero

IT and Facilities Manager
Contact: ken.prothero@seafarers.uk



 CG thumbCheryl Gallop

Office Manager
Contact: cheryl.gallop@seafarers.uk