Our impact

In 2016 Seafarers UK delivered:

  • Over £2.5m in total funding
  • 103 grants awarded to organisations
  • £421,283 awarded in Maritime Education and Training grants
  • £216,751 in project fundraising grants
  • £171,878 in Merchant Navy Fund grants
  • £292,187 awarded to Scottish organisations

And it provided the following outcomes:

  • 11 new organisations supported
  • 69 beneficiary organisations aided
  • Over 185,000 people that were helped by our funding

For information on services funded, sector funding splits, beneficiary case studies and more, please see the 2015 ‘Seafarers UK Impact Report’ below.

Impact Report 2015

Impact Report 2015 PDF version


Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2015 PDF version

Watch this 13-minute video to see how our funding has helped The Fishermen’s Mission, one of our beneficiary charities, to support current and ex-seafarers and their families in Troon, Scotland.

In 2016, our funding helped over 170,000 people in need, and their families

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