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In 2016, Seafarers UK awarded an amazing £2,57m in grants to charities and organisations involved in providing welfare, or maritime youth services or projects in the UK and overseas.

With no statutory funding, and with more and more calls for help each year, the charity relies on people like you to be able to carry on providing long-term aid that last year gave hope and help to over 185,000 people in need including ex-seafarers and veterans, those currently working at sea, dependants as well as those training for a career at sea.

Awarding maintenance grants to orphaned children

Keith was in the Merchant Navy serving as a second in command of his ship when he died at the age of 40 of a heart attack while on duty.

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There are many different ways for you to get involved and help to raise vital funds for seafarers in need and their families. Whether you become a volunteer with one of our committees and help organise a local Seafarers UK event; get sponsored to take part in one of our exciting challenges; attend one of the truly enjoyable Royal Marines Bands concerts in aid of Seafarers UK; or choose to support our campaigning work as part of Seafarers Awareness Week, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Watch this 3-minute video on how our funding helped make a difference to a Merchant seafarer’s life.

As an 'island nation' we depend on seafarers to defend our shores, trade with other countries and import essential fuel and food

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