Merchant Navy Day, 3 September

Intended to raise public awareness of the UK’s ongoing dependence on seafarers, this campaign invited local authorities to fly the Red Ensign – the official flag of the UK Merchant Navy – atop public buildings and on prominent flagpoles on 3 September.

This year every community, parish and town council was asked to take part, in addition to all borough, county and district councils plus unitary authorities throughout the UK. Members of the Nautilus International union were encouraged to lobby their home local authorities. Owners and custodians of historic and landmark buildings with flagpoles were also invited to get involved, including English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Historic Houses Association, National Trust and Welsh Government Cadw.

Many flag-hoisting ceremonies were attended by local Merchant Navy Association and Royal British Legion members, who welcomed being part of our nationally co-ordinated promotion.

The Red Ensign this year was flown ashore at more than 650 locations – see Roll of Honour.

For more information please contact Nick Harvey, Campaigns Manager, Seafarers UK, email, phone 020 7932 5969.